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We currently have several NYC Taxi Medallions for sale

Medallion Types:

Unrestricted NON WAVs (going into a Non Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle)

Unrestricted WAVs (going into a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle)

Restricted WAVs (must always have a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle)

Restricted Alt Fuel (must always have a Hybrid Vehicle)

Mini-Fleets (2 medallions each Mini-Fleet, 1 WAV & 1 NON WAV)


We have medallions for sale with FINANCING

Unrestricted WAV (going into a WAV), $120,000 purchase price,10% down

~$1149 monthly payment, NO pre-payment penalty

Medallions for sale ALL CASH

Alternative Fuel Medallion for $120,000

Please call our office on 212.545.9011 for current pricing and more information

We also conduct UCC Article 9 private & public sales and act as broker for both buyers and sellers.

Looking to sell your medallion(s)? We can also assist you in finding qualified buyers!

Medallions for Sale

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